Dress Code, Dance Etiquette

Some helpful tips for when you arrive…

  • You don’t have to have a designated partner, most swing dancers ask everyone to dance.
    • The more people you ask, the more quickly your dance skills will improve.
    • Ladies, feel free to ask the guys to dance.
    • Leads, be a gentleman and don’t make the ladies ask every time.
  • If you bump into someone accidentally, it’s ok, & it happens often. Stop and apologize, check to make sure no one was injured, then resume dancing.
  • No aerials during the social dances please.
  • Wear something cool, comfortable, and casual to learn in. Live bands nights tend to be a little more dressy or sometimes there is a theme night which we will announce ahead of time.
    • Ladies, skirts are fine any dance night. Wear shorts/cover-ups if you have a skirt that comes up when you spin.
    • Loose fitting, breathable, and stretchy material are great for comfort.
    • Thick socks to prevent blisters
    • Even though there is AC, a change of clothes can be helpful on hot/humid evenings.
  • This is a family friendly event. Kids under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times please.
    There is NO alcohol allowed at Tripoint Event Center. You will kindly be asked to leave if found with alcohol.
    We ask that you support the local cafe. Please Do not bring outside food or beverages in.
  • We are thankful for our dance space. Please help keep the floor clean & beautiful so we will have it to enjoy for many years to come. Try to not wear shoes that will cause black scuff marks on the floor.
    • No stilettos or pointy heels please (this is to protect happy feet and the dance floor)
    • The best shoes to wear are comfortable flats (keds, converse, canvas) or actual dance shoes with suede bottoms. This will protect your knees and ankles from wear and tear and help you to spin/slide better.
  • Most importantly: Dancing should never physically hurt or make you feel uncomfortable in anyway. You can politely say ‘no’ to a dance or ask to ‘sit this one out’. You can let us know if this is happening to you as others may be experiencing the same. We will work to always improve the situation.

Please know that we are here for you. Our mission is that you have a wonderful time and feel right at home!